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Why is it so difficult to change?


Change is seldom easy. In my three decades as a psychotherapist, I’ve witnessed the complexities and contradictions of personal transformation. Individuals often enter therapy seeking change, yet grapple with inner resistance. This struggle is natural. Growth requires patience, courage and self-compassion.

True change reaches beyond surface desires. It demands rigorous self-examination, stripping away old assumptions to reveal new truths within. This process is deeply personal, the timeline unique to each individual. There are no shortcuts. Fear and attachment hinder progress, as we cling to the familiar as a source of security.

And yet change is possible. With care, determination and compassion, beliefs can transform and new paths emerge. My role is to guide individuals through this journey, to challenge when appropriate, console when needed, and illuminate the way forward. Each small step matters. There are always setbacks, obstacles, moments of doubt. But lasting change comes from within. It is the ultimate act of self-realization.

After thirty years, I am still in awe of the human capacity for growth. Change takes tremendous courage, but the rewards are immeasurable. I am honored to walk this road together, to witness the struggles and triumphs of personal transformation. It is the most profound privilege of my career.