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Discovering the Light Within: A Gentler Way of Navigating Depression


I want to share with you something that has changed my perspective on depression and emotions. It is rooted in the Non-Dual tradition, and I believe it could help anyone facing the shadows of depression. The idea is to shift our focus from being consumed by our feelings to becoming aware of our awareness of these emotions. Our inner consciousness remains constant, even amidst the tumult of our emotions. You can think of it like watching a movie. No matter the genre, the screen remains the same. Similarly, even when we are enveloped in the darkest phases of depression, our inner light, our consciousness, remains untouched.


I understand that in the midst of despair, it can be difficult to see beyond the overwhelming emotions. Instead of suppressing or fleeing from these feelings, we should gently shift our focus towards the unchanging “knowing” within us. True happiness, the kind we often search for externally or hope to find in changed circumstances, is already inside us. It’s present even in our lowest moments. This ever-present “knowing” or consciousness is the embodiment of the happiness we’re seeking.


Our natural reaction to challenging emotions, like depression, is often rejection or resistance. Or we look outside of ourselves for happiness. These attitudes can cast a shadow over our ever-present inner light, making it seem distant. But embracing this understanding can be transformative. By recognizing and connecting with that “knowing” within, even during depressive episodes, we’ll realize that every emotion, even the painful ones, is rooted in happiness.


Every experience, whether it be joy, sadness, love, or pain, allows us to connect with a deeper, unchanging part of ourselves. All the peace, love, and happiness we seek are already within us, waiting for us to notice. By realizing this, we can move beyond fleeting emotions and discover a boundless source of inner joy.


I hope this perspective brings you some comfort, as it did for me.