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Addictions & Connections

A New Therapy Group Starting Soon

 Everyone I know, including myself, suffers from some form of addiction. I use the term addiction to include not just addiction to alcohol or drugs, but also addiction to social media (Facebook, email, Instagram), gambling, Netflix, porn, sex, relationships, exercise, work, food, coffee, shopping and most importantly – thinking.  Addiction is our attempt to relieve internal distress.  Internal pain is often caused by a sense of lack or a feeling of isolation and shame.  Addictions are common because they are effective at offering short term relief from internal distress.  However, sooner or later we become a slave to our addiction(s) and we begin to realize that the very thing we reached for to sooth our distress eventually increases our distress.

I invite you to come and explore your experiences of addiction in this supportive group environment and begin to live a life that is free of suffering.

When: Thursdays at 5:00 pm (90 Minutes)
Where: 4026 NE 55th Street, Suite D
How to enroll: Email or call 206-925-3158