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True Meditation

True meditation is not something we do while sitting on a cushion for “x” minutes a day– true meditation is simply being open to the moment-by-moment experience of being alive. He explains: Meditation is a direct experience of the uninterrupted moment we commonly call the NOW. In true meditation, we are not trying to get rid of or modify the experience. Instead we remain, as best as we can, open to the experience without separation from the movement of life itself. If we meditate in order to get somewhere or be someone, we may be setting ourselves up for frustration and failure. When we turn our attention to its source, all sense of doing something or being someone fades away and only a sense of living in the moment remains. We realize how nothing can distract us, including thoughts and feelings, because everything is part of meditation. There is no one there controlling the experience, no goal or destination. We see clearly how life is, what it is in the moment, and how it is changing from moment to moment. The whole world appears and dissolves in the “witnessing presence”. Sitting quietly, we observe thoughts, emotions, sensations, sounds, image, and smells, appearing and disappearing as it has always done. We remain in the boundless open space which allows everything without any resistance.