How to build meaningful, close relationships:

When we engage in honest and straightforward communication, we build trust and authenticity in our relationships. This honesty and transparency can help to create a sense of closeness and intimacy between people. Additionally, when we genuinely try to repair any harm we may have caused, we show vulnerability and a willingness to take responsibility for our actions. This vulnerability can also help to strengthen the bond between people and create a sense of intimacy. Ultimately, honesty, transparency, and a willingness to make amends can all contribute to building more profound, meaningful relationships with others.

What is Mindful Inquiry?

Mindful Inquiry is about recognizing and removing our perceived obstacles that prevent us from living our lives fully. It is an invitation to identify and gently question those beliefs that stand in the way of our mental health, well-being and happiness. Read more...

Services Offered

I offer psychotherapy, consultation, assessment, and supervision services for various issues, including:

Addictive behaviors
Relationship difficulties
Improving communication
Life transitions
and more...


Anil Coumar, MBBS, MA, LMHC

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