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A Class Divided

This is an invitation to watch this powerful movie. It brings me to tears everytime I watch it. The reason I am sharing it is that the topic is still very relevant today. We live in a world that is divided. Conservatives vs. Liberals, Rich vs. Poor, Black vs. White, Educated vs. Less educated, East vs. West the list goes on and on. This movie documents the powerful negative effects of our beliefs. There is hope – we can learn to become aware of our prejudices and beliefs and learn to challenge them. The fact is for every belief we hold dear, the opposite is also true. Beliefs,¬†opinions, assumptions¬†and conclusions exist only when we don’t know the Truth. I invite you to clarity and sanity by challenging your beliefs. For most of us, this will be a lifelong process. Peace!

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Mindful Inquiry is about recognizing and removing our perceived obstacles that prevent us from living our lives fully. It is an invitation to identify and gently question those beliefs that stand in the way of our mental health, well-being and happiness. Read more...

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