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You Will Not Find It

If you look for reason, you will not find it. If you look for meaning, you will not find it. Stop! Relax and look for the one who’s looking, you will not find it. A quote from “Dissolved”, by Tarun Sardana.

Mental Well-being and the role of thoughts

In the past 25+ years, since I have been practicing as a mental health professional, I have been searching for mental wellness. It occurred to me that perhaps we have been looking in the wrong places for mental well-being. If we pause to reflect, we will notice that we have optimum mental well-being when deep

Procrastination and how to deal with it

Procrastination is frequently a behavioral response to fear. The behavioral responses include avoidance of the task(s) or using distraction to deal with fear. Either way, we are seldom relaxed when we procrastinate, and this exaggerates the problem. Each procrastinator develops and responds to his/her own specific fears. In varying degrees, we are all afraid of

What is Mindful Inquiry?

Mindful Inquiry is about recognizing and removing our perceived obstacles that prevent us from living our lives fully. It is an invitation to identify and gently question those beliefs that stand in the way of our mental health, well-being and happiness. Read more...

Services Offered

I offer psychotherapy, consultation, assessment, and supervision services for various issues, including:

Addictive behaviors
Relationship difficulties
Improving communication
Life transitions
and more...


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